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The Truth is Not Known By The Men, Rather Men are known by the Truth

Shaykh Albanee, may Allaah have mercy on him, said,

“So aspire, O Muslim, to know your Islaam from your Lord’s Book and your Prophet’s Sunnah. And don’t say, ‘So and so said.’ For verily, the Truth is not known by the men–nay, know the Truth, you will recognise the men.’

As-Saheehah, 5/350.


Daily Benefits · ilm - Knowledge

Indeed, This knowledge Is Deen ..

Imaam Ibn Seereen (rahimahullaah) said :

‘Indeed, This knowledge Is Deen,
So Look To The One You Take Your Deen From

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.. then (at least) do not hate them

‘Umar ibn Abdil-’Aziz said:

Become a scholar if you are able.
If you are not able, then be a student.
If you can not, then show love for them.
If you are unable to do that, then (at least) do not hate them.

[Ibn Abdil-Barr in Jaami’u Bayaanil-‘Ilmi wa Fadhlihi, #143]