* The sunnah is like Ark of Noah ..

Imaam malik said,

“The sunnah is like Ark of Noah.
Whoever embarks upon it reaches salvation and
whoever refuses is drowned.”

Quoted by Shaikh ul-Islam Ibn Taimiyyah in majmoo’ ul-fataawaa (4/57).

* When a man sought knowledge.. Al-Hasan Al-Basrî

Al-Hasan Al-Basrî – Allah have mercy on him – said:

“When a man sought knowledge, it would not be long before it could be seen in his humbleness, his sight, upon his tongue and his hands, in his prayer, in his speech and in his disinterest (zuhd) in worldly allurements. And a man would acquire a portion of knowledge and put it into practice, and it would be better for him than the world and all it contains – if he owned it he would give it in exchange for the hereafter.”

Ibn Al-Mubârak, Al-Zuhd wa Al-Raqâ`iq Vol.1 p.156.

* Sit with the scholars..

Luqman said to his son:

O dear son! Sit with the scholars. Allâh gives life to hearts with wisdom in the same way as He gives life to the dead land with rain.

(Jami’ Bayan-il-‘ilm 1/211)