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They used to pray two rak`at before the Maghrib prayer

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None is more patient than Allah against the harmful saying

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Secret talk between Allaah and His believing worshipper on the Day of Judgment

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Wudhu: Taking Water into the Nose with the Right Hand and Expelling it with the Left

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Double-Faced Person

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Then Allah will say, ‘While you were in the backbone of Adam, I asked you much less than this..”

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And those who, when they have committed Fahishah or wronged themselves with evil, remember Allah and ask forgiveness for their sins

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if the debtor is having a hard time, then grant him time till it is easy for him to repay

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If you notice in yourself ‘riyaa’ then increase doing worship in secret, not being seen by the people

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O Allaah’s Messenger (ﷺ), “Has there been a day more severe upon you than the Day of Uhud?”