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Fajr Prayer in Jamā’ah: Shaykh Abdur-Razzāq Al-Badr

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Advising and Mistakes

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Worshipping Allaah upon the very edge

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Does a man have menses?

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Lift your Izaar, for this will keep them clean, and save you from the Punishment of your Rabb

Isbaal (Men wearing garments that extend below the ankles) – Dr. Saleh as Saleh

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The innovators are like scorpions. They bury their heads and bodies in the sand and leave their tails out

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You will be gathered (on the Day of Judgment), bare-footed, naked and not circumcised

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We are a people who used to be the most humiliated people but then Allaah gave us strength and honour through Islaam

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If Allah wants to do good to a person, He makes him comprehend the religion

“If Allah wants to do good to a person, He makes him comprehend the religion”

Read: The advice of Alee radiAllaahu anhu https://abdurrahman.org//2014/01/15/advice-of-alee/

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whenever you come for the prayer, you should come with calmness