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From the Sunnah that was apparent upon you

Shaykh Abdullah al-Adanee narrated in his lesson from Sh. Muhammad Al-Banna that he was making Tawaaf at the Ka’bah and saw a man and from the appearance of the man and the way he clung to the Sunnah he felt that he was Shaykh As-Sa’dee. So he approached him and asked: Are you Shaykh Abdur-Rahman? He smiled and said: Yes. Shaykh As-Sa’dee asked him: Are you Shaykh Muhammad? He said: Yes. They embraced one another immediately. Afterwards, As-Sa’dee asked Sh. Muhammad: How did you know me? He said: From the Sunnah that was apparent upon you. Imam As-Sa’dee said: And likewise that is how I knew you.

2014-05-09 @RahaBatts