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Imam Ahmad’s Response to Someone Who Asked Him: How Are You This Morning

Imam al Maruthee (student of Imam Ahmad bin Handal) said:

One day I said to Imam Ahmad: How are you this morning?

He replied: How is the morning of the individual whose Lord demands from him that he fulfills the obligations (of the religion), his Prophet demands from him that he adhers to the Sunnah, the two angels (that are assigned to each person) seek from him to correct his intentions, his desires seek from him to obey and submit to them, the Shaytan seeks from him to perform evil deeds, the angel of death is waiting to take his soul, and his family demands from him that he spends on them????!!!!

Siyar ‘Alaam al Nubela 11/227

Trans: Mustafa George (hafidhahullaah)