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“Shaykh Muhammad bin Ramzaan al-Haajiree:

we see the agitation of the people for that which takes place from the affairs of the dunyaa. I say: these people who have gathered in Tunisia or Egypt, if we would say to them, “Come on, let’s forbid Shirk,” would they have gathered like this? [Or if we would say to them,] “Come on, let us destroy and remove the domes so that al-Badawee is not worshipped [unclear] and so that the tomb of al-Husayn and these manifestations of disbelief are destroyed.” Would these people also gather as people who are truthful to Allaah, to remove all the manifestations of Shirk and to let Tawheed return? The answer is: we are watching and it is known; you won’t find [them gathering] except a few. @AbdurRahmanOrg”